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At Olivia restaurant, you will get the experience of a perfect food hangout. We are located at Lavinia Bay Beach Hotel, Mount Lavinia, Colombo

Special Dish

Best Recommendation Menu

one Starter
one medium pizza/pasta
one large cold bevrage

Rs 3459.00

one starter
one large pizza/pasta
two large cold beverage

Rs 4579.00

two starters
two large pizza/pasta/rice
2l cold beverage

Rs 10970.00

Rs 2450.00

Beef or Pasta

Chicken Curry flavoured pasta
Rs 2450.00

(signature dish)

Amatriciana pasta
Rs 2650.00
cream pasta
Rs 2450.00

crispy chicken

Creamy mushroom pasta
Rs 2150.00


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Italian at the heart of the mount lavinia, colombo.


Customer Reviews

What a treat! We went to Olivia for lunch and went back home with full, happy tummies. The cheesy fries were excellent, perfect balance between spice and cheese. The mushroom pasta was a huge portion and came in a bun which had soaked up the creamy sauce. It’s been a while since I’ve had a good pasta dish dining out. There was a generous amount of mushrooms and the pasta was creamy and herby. We were honestly full by the time the pizza came but we still had a slice each and it was yummy too. Highly recommend dining in at Olivia. The service was excellent and I definitely look forward to trying out the rest of the menu.
jayani chamathka

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